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The Environmental Jobs Board is a place where organizations and companies can post jobs, contracts, RFP's, as well as internships and volunteer opportunities. Topics include environment, conservation, energy, climate change, green building, food sustainability and many related themes. We can help you find the most qualified staff for these kinds of roles. The Jobs Board is provided in partnership with GoodWork Green Jobs.

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Click here to post an opportunity (e.g. jobs, contracts, RFPs, internships, volunteer positions, board members, etc). We'll take it from there, make sure it looks great and reaches out! If you have any questions, feel free to contact the coordinator.

We will send you an email that includes everything you need to revise or manage your posting. You'll get this message usually within an hour (longer outside office hours). Subject: Thank you for posting with RCEN.

Honour system / payment

We're here to support all environmental initiatives, including smaller nonprofits and startups. So we offer a unique sliding-scale, pay-what-you-can. It's an honour system. If you're truly not in a position to pay, we want you to post it in any case. The posting form lets you indicate what works for you, including "can't pay".

Cheques should be made payable to: People and Planet, Box 21006, Ottawa ON, Canada K1S 5N1. Or pay online by VISA, MasterCard or Paypal (we'll send an invoice with all the payment options).

Questions? Please contact the coordinator.

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To contact the Job Board Coordinator, please email p2
or call (613) 744-3392.

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